Friday, February 08, 2008

New DNews Utah Presidential Poll


That One Guy said...

Hey D-News, how about asking about 200 Dems this same question and adding it to your "total"....?

Oh, right, because that would make it so a Democrat wins the poll.

What a crock - this is my daily reminder why I pay no attention to KSL (radio or TV) or the D-News.


Bob said...

If you do the math, they did interview 95 Democrats. A poll with 50% Reps, 27% Ind. and 23% Dems sounds about right for Utah.

I've done the math, and here's the results (as best as I can figure) for the Dems:

Clinton: 36%
Huckabee: 2%
McCain: 6%
Obama 43%
Paul: 1%
Other: 2%
Don't Know: 13%


That One Guy said...

I guess I'm just saying that it would have been nice for them to actually publish the Dem numbers.

That's all.

Bob said...

Who needs the DMN when you have Bob?