Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hillary Wants Me to vote for John McCain

One of Hillary's big campaign themes (actually, really the only theme she has right now) is experience.

Hillary claims that her 35 years of experience is better than Obama's experience. That's largely debatable, but not the subject of this post.

You see, whoever wins this marathon for the nomination will go up against John McCain. I think he wins in the experience department:

*Graduated US Naval Academy in 1958
*Became Navy Pilot in 1960
*Nearly KIA in 1967
*Becomes Prisoner of War in 1967
*Refuses to be released early; Torture begins
*Released from POW Camps in 1973
*Liason between the Navy and Senate starting in 1977
*Elected U.S. House in 1982
*Elected U.S. Senate in 1986

So, Mrs Clinton, if we're going on experience, all the Republicans will have to do is trot out your experience quotes, and follow them with McCain's resume.



Marshall said...

I think you forgot about this small event in McCain's life.

*Sells soul to become president from 2000 to 2008 (it was a long process).

So there is at least one thing Hillary and McCain have in common.

JM Bell said...

Ouch, Marshall.

Body Blow!

That One Guy said...

Just another item in the long list of reasons why Teh Hillary should get out of the mess.

She's not doing the party any favors.

Another item: While I respect women, and the role of First Lady, I am willing to bet she hasn't ever answered a White House phone at 3 in the morning. Well, except to hear that the "Vince Foster Problem" is now solved.

She's not qualified on ANY foreign affairs agenda.

Just sayin'.

Pastor Frank said...

You know, as a Republican, I say let Clinton(s) and Obama fight it out for the long haul.

The more they fight, the better it is for the party all around. And God knows we can use all the help we can get.