Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I love Utah's liquor laws

From Paul Rolly:

Tourists beware: The first place a hungry Bruce Passey found open in downtown Salt Lake City last Tuesday evening was Murphy's Bar and Grill, a private club on Main Street. So Passey went inside and ordered a sandwich and a bottled water to go.
The slightly embarrassed clerk behind the bar explained that because he was not a member, he could not buy a bottled water and take it outside.
She then apologized for Utah's quirky liquor laws, or in this case, Utah's bottled water laws.

Having been in California, and spending some time in establishments that served alcohol, I never once had to have a sip of the stuff, contrary to what Utah's legislators might think would happen with their obtrusive laws. Furthermore, these establishments were in areas frequented by children no less (The Disney Resort), yet I did not see one child sipping an drink....


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