Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lawbreaker Lohra is the one who's "Ridiculous"

Today's Salt Lake Tribune confirms that Lawbreaker Lohra Miller did not have a business license for her law firm she ran from her home.

An emotional Miller, in acknowledging her license-related legal misstep, said she didn't realize her home offices needed permits.
"We felt our work was done in the courtroom," she said.
While Miller acknowledges that she did work out of her home, she said all interviews were conducted in offices in cities that contracted with her for prosecutorial services. Only paperwork and case research were done at home, she said.
"I never had clients, witnesses, victims or others associated with our practice come to our home," she said.

But she did have employees working in the home office, which would be someone associated with the practice.

However, it doesn't matter where the work is done, it matters where the office is located.

And, did Lawbreaker Lohra really think that she could run a business without a license?

After all, her practice was the contract agency to do prosecutions for several cities. She even prosecuted several businesses for operating without a license while she didn't have a license herself. You would think that an attorney prosecuting a law would understand said law.

And the question comes down to why Attorney General Mark Shurtleff didn't find this in his investigation. It was right there, in plain view, for all to see. The claim coming from the AG's office is that he was only looking into violations of state law. However, when Lawbreaker Lohra asked his office to investigate all of the accusations against her, including the charge of operating a business without a license.

The reason he didn't do anything is that, like in the Daggett County voter fraud case, he chose to see nothing wrong because a friend was involved.

And, other friends of Lawbreaker Lohra include Michael Renckert, who has filed to run against Peter Corroon. My sources at Salt Lake County GOP HQ tell me that Renckert got in at the urging of Lohra Miller.


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