Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some things I wonder....

*I wonder just how expensive the State Board of Education races will be, especially with PCE people like Leah Barker running. And, will she lose her cool when challenged by facts again?

*I wonder how much money SuperDell will get from Patrick Byrne, the man who said he would support anyone, even a communist, running against Huntsman.

*I wonder where Orrin Hatch got that green jacket he was wearing at Monday's Jazz game. It clashed with his makeup.

Just wonderin....

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Oldenburg said...

The PCE people really don't get it do they? It wasn't the state board of education that fouled their plans, it was the voters of Utah. This is like a reverse Dover, PA. Instead of getting voted out AFTER doing something the public didn't like (for Dover it was introducing creationism into biology class) they want to get voted in AFTER doing something the public didn't like (pushing for vouchers).

What maroons.