Saturday, June 21, 2008

How this Democrat managed to vote in theRepublican Primary

Someone posted a comment to an earlier post that needs an answer.

As a registered Democrat, how do you plan on voting for Ellis in the Republican primary? Aren't their primaries closed?

OK, I'll tell you how in several easy steps. However, I do need to put a bit of an advisory in here. Since I will be in Provo on Election Day, I had to go to the COunty Clerk's to vote. Therefore, everything is in the past tense.

1) I am not a registered Democrat, have never been a registered Democrat, and won't be any time soon. I consider myself a Democrat, but keep my registration as unaffiliated for this very reason.

2) As a registered unaffiliated, I have the option of changing my registration at the polls to "Republican" for the purposes. I usually already have a voter registration form filled out to change back to unaffiliated that I drop into the mailbox the same day.

3) This didn't work for me in 2006, and so I was a registered Republican from June '06 until November 2007, when I changed back to unaffiliated to vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary.

4) No, this is not voter fraud, as I was accused of in 2006 after this post. They said in an email that they were going to report me to the AG's office. I'm sure I'll be hearing back from them on the complaint in 2010.


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derekstaff said...

Ah, my mistake. I presumed, based on your office, that you were a registered Democrat. Sorry for the assumption.