Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ENDORSEMENT: Vote Richard Ellis for Treasurer June 24

A little known fact here in Utah is that there is a primary election coming up next week.

And one of those races up for bid is State Treasurer. One candidate has the experience to fulfill the duties of the office.

The other candidate has the qualifications to be a politician. Maybe.

Richard Ellis has a BS in Business/Finance from BYU and an MBA from the U. Mark Walker has a BA from the U in something, but his web site doesn't even list his BA (found it in his state bio), let alone his major.

Richard Ellis has 8 years experience as Chief Deputy State Treasurer, plus ten years as a Treasurer and Finance Director at Draper City and Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. Mark Walker has worked for Zion's bank in their municipal investing department for an unknown period of time, a job he quit to run "full time" for treasurer. Walker has served for four years in the Utah Legislature, and only won his district by 18 votes in 2006.

We need someone with experience and knowledge as our treasurer, not a politician.

That's why I'm voting for Richard Ellis for Republican nominee for Treasurer.



David said...

Mark Walker's only qualification seems to be that he has friends among the leadership of the Republican party. If he wins it'll be a red flag showing that the party need not be responsive to the apparently sleeping electorate.

derekstaff said...

As a registered Democrat, how do you plan on voting for Ellis in the Republican primary? Aren't their primaries closed?