Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Utah GOP "I Can" Campaign

I had to laugh when I read about the Utah GOP's "I can" campaign. I mean, you know the Republican Party is in serious trouble when they have to rebrand itself in UTAH.

Not to mention the fact that one of the statements is so stupid it bears repeating.

"I CAN pay lower taxes." Because the Republican (super) majority in the sate legislature hasn't been able to do a thing about taxes in the billion years they have been in existence.

That being said, here are some other suggestions I have for their campaign.

I can be a lobbyist and a legislator, because I am a RepublICAN.

I can ignore my constituents, because I am a RepublICAN.

I can breathe in an inversion, because I am a RepublICAN.

I can have more classmates, because I am a RepublICAN.

I can ignore campaign laws and not get investigated, because I am a RepublICAN.

I can practice unrighteous dominion, because I am a RepublICAN.

I'm sure I'll think of some more.....



Obi wan liberali said...

I can form a company that has a contractual relationship with state government and have no one consider it a conflict of interest. Because I'm a Republican legislator.

rmwarnick said...

I can replace incumbent state school board members with voucher advocates before an election, because I'm a RepublICAN governor.

RepubliCAN Gay said...

I can hose gays even though I am one because I am RepubliCAN.