Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lt Gov Gary Herbert Derelict in His Duties

The Lt Governor in Utah has three jobs. One is to be ready to take over for the Governor should the Governor die or resign to take another job, say a Cabinet position.

The other two duties are to be in charge of the Notary Publics and elections.

However, this seems to be too tough a job for Gary Herbert.

He has postponed a decision on whether to have the Attorney General's office investigate possible law breaking in the State Treasurer's race until after Tuesday's election.

And who knows when he'll pick it up after the election?

He says he doesn't want to influence the primary. However, by waiting until after the election, he is still influencing the primary AND possibly the general election. How?

Well, let's just say that Mark Walker wins, and Herbert does his job and sends the case to the Attorney General. And, let's just say that Mark Shurtleff decides that there was wrongdoing and files charges (miracles can happen), and we are left with a Republican nominee running against the Democrat in the race.

However, Gary Herbert could do his job. Sure, it would be unfair to people who voted absentee and/or early. However, that is a risk we take by voting early.

And remember, Gary Herbert could end up being Governor should McCain win the presidency.


P.S. Anyone else think it fishy that the press release announcing Herbert's inaction was embargoed to come out at 4:00 PM on a Friday?

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