Wednesday, July 09, 2008

An open message to Rep Urquhart: Quit whining

In a recent post on his, Representative Steve Urquhart complains that two COLUMNISTS for the Salt Lake Tribune apparently say nothing negative about Democrats.

And when was the last time SteveU said anything negative about a Republican?


So his biggest complaint is that these columnists are still trying to find the unnamed legislator who allegedly helped Mark Walker Allegedly bribe Richard Ellis.

The fact of the matter is, the complaint to the Ethics Committee said that there was another person involved. Another Legislator.

As SteveU says, that could be 103 people. Given that there is better than a two-to-one ratio of Republicans to Democrats, and the alleged bribery happened in a Republican primary, it's safe to say that the unnamed legislator is not a Democrat.

And, the person would probably have to have some power in the legislature. I'm sure that Brad Winn (R-Ephraim) would have the power to make that kind of promise. So, why not try to pin it on the Speaker, who has been known to have a few ethical lapses? If it's not the speaker, reopen the ethics investigation.

However, I don't think it's Speaker Curtis. No, if it were him, he would be talking about it more.

But, I do have me guess as to who it is.

Rep Urquhart, methinks thou doth protest too much.



Anonymous said...

Apples-and-oranges comparison there. The Tribune is supposed to be neutral. Politicians aren't supposed to be neutral. Politicians are supposed to be political which means they aren't neutral.

The Tribune lacks balance. They have a stable of liberal writers such as Vern Anderson, Paul Rolly and Rebecca Walsh but no conservative writers. Not one.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Deseret News has covered this story too... effectively contradicting the anonymous comment above. So much for that "slant" huh? Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

How does the second anonymous comment refute the first anonymous comment? The first comment was about the Tribune's lack of balance and Urquhart's complaining about that. Neither Urquhart or the first anonymous said anything about the Deseret News since that is irrelevant to the points being made.