Wednesday, July 09, 2008

U.S. Trades Goods With Iran

You remember Iran, don't you? That country that is part of the axis of evil? The country next door to Iraq that ACTUALLY has WMDs and is on their way to Nukes? Oh, and we've threatened them to stop or we would attack, to which they said "You and what army..." and had a good point?

Yeah, that Iran. We had all been under the assumption that we wouldn't actually be trading with them, especially since we were trying to get other countries to stop trading with them.

Yeah, about that. Oops:

US exports to Iran have risen dramatically during George Bush's years in office in spite of his tough rhetoric against Tehran and the imposition of fresh economic sanctions.

Analysis of US government trade figures published yesterday by Associated Press revealed a near tenfold increase in US sales to Iran over the past seven years. Goods included cigarettes, aircraft spare parts, bras, musical instruments, films, sculpture, fur, golf carts and snowmobiles. Although the sums involved are small, the disclosure is a political embarrassment for the US, coming at a time when it has been putting pressure on European governments, banks and companies to cut ties with Tehran.

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Shaun said...

Golf carts and snowmobiles you say... So, they're going to humiliate us at the national sport of golf?

I guess there's also an explanation for the need for snowmobiles.

In that case, we need to be careful or they might out ski us too.