Saturday, August 23, 2008

Live From Denver: Day -1 evening recap

As you know, I'll be doing most of my posting about the Democratic National COnvention over at The Utah Amicus. However, every evening, I will be posting highlights on this, my real blog, for all of my on the Amicus.

So, here's the posts from day -1:

Sidewalks Hurt

While walking down 16th Street Mall, I somehow missed a curb, and tripped over it, landing fairly hard. I banged up my knees and elbow, as well as my ego.

Yeah, I a klutz.

Bob, Biscuit, and the Bramble Burger

If having a burger named after their candidate wasn't enough to placate the Clinton people, nothing will satisfy them. It satisfied me!

Oh, and the burger I really wanted -- the Bramble Burger:

Chris Matthews is an Idiot

So I'm here in our hotel room watch MSNBC. Chris Mathews is complaining that about ow "terrible" the process of Obama picking a running mate, that it took too long and information trickled out.

I think it's a great way to do it. What has the media been talking about for two weeks? Obama.

Wind Energy -- How to Make Wyoming Beautiful

Anyone who had driven across Wyoming knows that it's not exactly the most scenic of drives.

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