Saturday, August 23, 2008

I stand with Urquhart -- the Dnews needs to release their tapes

I think Representative Steve Urquhart is right -- the Deseret News needs to release the recording of their editorial board meeting last Monday with Senator Bramble. The reason this needs to happen is that there is a discrepancy between what the Republicans say Bramble said and what the DNews reported.

Why am I standing with Steve on this?

Because at worst, it shows just how bad their political reporting is. At best, it shows what liars and crybabies Republicans are.

Either way, I win.


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steve u. said...

Remember, there's a possible bonus for you. If I'm wrong and P-Val or Bramble did say that GOP legislative leadership is going to try to change the referendum process, I would have to post a YouTube video of me eating my blog post.

As right-thinking people know, my blog is yummy, but more for the brain than the belly.

Thanks for the support on this one. I do think it would be helpful to let the watchdogs know that they, too, are being watched.

I believe I read that you're going to Denver. Have fun. Be safe. Nominate Richardson.