Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pizza Girl's Reconcilliation/smackdown of Senator Bramble

She's ba-ack!

"Dear Senator Bramble,

"I am sorry if my blog about my recent experience with you caused you a headache. In my naivete, I thought that, since I am not a public figure, no one would notice anything I said on my blog or elsewhere. Clearly, I neglected to consider the possible ramifications of what I thought was the innocent telling of an interesting story to my friends and family. I guess I no longer deserve your praise for handling the situation professionally.

"I do not excuse my actions, but I do not excuse yours either. I say this not as a pizza delivery girl who was intimidated and offended, but as the daughter of a man much like yourself. Too many times, I have been embarrassed to stand behind my father while he aggressively berated someone as you did last Monday evening. My father is a literal genius and internationally respected in his field. He is a powerful man and uses his power to do a lot of good. I imagine you are similarly intelligent, well intentioned, and influential for good. However, there are better ways to express frustration and displeasure than to rant and belittle others. There are better ways to get what you want than to wave your accomplishments and titles in front of others. Some people respond only to aggression, and I say be aggressive with them. Aggression has its place, but generally assertiveness is as effective and avoids alienating, offending, or degrading others. My boss might well have accepted your check after a calm, rational discussion. Unfortunately, because of your rudeness, my manager and I were upset, and I was uncomfortable, to say the least. Shame on you, Senator.

"Shame on me for my mistake. I think we would both be happier if we had acted differently.

The Pizza Girl

If we find out where this pizza place is, I head down and buy a bunch of pizzas from them!



Obi wan liberali said...

IRL, I've had dealings with Bramble long before he was a senator. Back then, he was what I would call a "name dropper", claiming to have alot of influence with very important people. What is interesting about this exchange, is that it is not an abberation of his behavior, but typical of it.

Bramble is a serious piece of work. Anyone who has worked with him knows this. Only in a psychologically dysfunctional county such as Utah County could a guy like this prosper.

FYI, there is a very good candidate challenging Bramble this year named Radene Hatfield. She is certainly a long shot, but a major improvement over the arrogant twerp who berates pizza delivery gals.

I am Laura said...

This is a really interesting story. I feel bad for the pizza girl and how this was blown out of proportion for this girl. I am right now listening to the story on the nightside project. I am not thinking these radio personalities are very bright. They act like she was the bad person in a way.

I have worked in customer service and people chew you out for things you have no control of. People like this need to have a reality check and I hope Sen. Bramble learns his lesson though I doubt that he will. Even though you are a public figure you have to follow the same rules as everyone else. Then I am bothered that the owner of the store said he could pay with a check and then he doesn't.

Just now on the radio show the radio personality said that he has been worse to a pizza delivery person. I can't believe people that are rude to employees of businesses. I am bothered by these personalities that are rude to pizza delivery people.

Sad for a While said...
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Bob said...

I have the pizza place.