Thursday, August 21, 2008

MItt: Russia Doesn't Deserve Olympics For Following America's Lead

From Think Progress:

HEWITT: But I do want to ask you about the Olympics and your experience there, in terms of whether or not the Russians ought to get the Olympics in 2014 after what they’ve done in Georgia.

ROMNEY: Well, Hugh, my own view is as the Caucuses are a hot spot, and as Russians have shown their willingness to act militarily against a sovereign nation, that the International Olympic Committee ought to revisit locating the Games elsewhere.

Then what you're saying, Mitt, is that Chicago doesn't deserve the 2016 Games because of America's willingness to act militarily against a sovereign nation. Iraq was a sovereign nation back in 2003.

A nation without WMDs or ties to bin Laden. Now that they are part of the American Empire, they have ties to bin Laden....


Kinda hard to be the moral leader when you are doing the same things yourself. Just ask your buddy Larry Craig.


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Cameron said...

Comparing Georgia to Iraq and the US to Russia is really stretching it.