Saturday, September 06, 2008

McCain's RNC Backdrop Makes Me Wonder How Much He'd Eff Up This Country

Someone at the RNC should be fired. Better yet, fired, then drug out into the middle of St Paul and shot.

I will admit that I saw absolutely none of McCain's speech live. I'm kinda conventioned out. I'll watch it some other time.

However, I did see some "highlights." And the first one showed that wonderfully green backdrop McCain had behind him.

And my first thought was "HA! Those Guys forgot to Chroma in the graphic/video! What idiots!"

Then, I realized that they weren't shooting it in front of a green screen. That was the wonderful RNC video board.

I soon learned, from annother camera angle, that the picture behind him was a big building with nice green grass behind him.

I thought maybe it was one of his 10 homes. Or maybe the Obama home, since owning one nice home is somehow worse than owning 10 nice homes in Republicanland.

No, it's not a house....

It's a school. Yeah! Republicans are finally talking sense about education!

Except the speech wasn't about education.

Maybe it was a local school, keeping the Mlps/St Paul theme in play?

A School in North Hollywood, California, you say?

Well, I'm out of common sense solutions....

Oh, you say the name of the school is Walter Reed Middle School?

Are we really dumb enough to have someone google "walter reed" and use the first picture they find that looks good, without making sure it's the medical center?

His team couldn't get the visuals of the most important speech of his cmpaign right. And you expect these people to run our country?


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Anonymous said...

The whole RNC was about nothing. Talking about a Maverick? What about people losing their home & jobs being lost to people in other countries or completely disappearing? I couldn't get pass the stupid backdrops.