Monday, October 27, 2008

Mark Crockett, Jani Iwamoto, and EnergySolutions

Not too long ago, I got a mailer from Democratic County Council Candidate Jani Iwamoto, trying to tie her opponent Mark Crockett as this huge supporter of EnergySolutions.

I had two thoughts when I read it:

1) When did EnergySolutions become the Great Satan?

2) Why is ES a county issue?

Then, I got this email from a good friend that I'm passing along to you:


I’m writing you in regards to my friend Mark Crockett, the current Salt Lake County Councilor for District 4. I have known him for some years now, and I believe our county needs his type of leadership and analysis on the Salt Lake County Council.

The Democratic Party of Salt Lake County is, through its candidate for the County Council District 4, distributing literature that mischaracterizes an Mark’s actions while serving.

Contrary to what it says, Mark does not nor ever has supported the making Utah a nuclear waste storage depot.

1. The County has nothing to do with nuclear waste storage, with permitting the transport of nuclear waste, or anything else related to it.

2. The resolution Mark opposed was a strongly worded but empty political gesture. The letter, a heavy-handed attempt to tell Governor Huntsman what to do, had no business coming from the County Council due to its largely meaningless nature.

This piece of literature demonstrates Mark’s opponent’s lack of maturity and experience, not to mention lack of understanding of good policy. Please share this with your friends and let them know:

· Mark opposes nuclear waste in Utah.

· Mark has been and will continue to be the leading voice for environmentally safe policies and open space on the Salt Lake County Council.

Please support Mark Crockett and share this message with friends and neighbors in the county, reminding them to vote for Mark Crockett on November 4.

Thank you for your kind regard.

All the best,

Daniel B*****

(801) 3**-****

P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.


(DISCLAIMER: I work for EnergySolutions Arena. My affiliation with EnergySolutions is non-existant, other than they are a major sponsor of my employer, much like Coke or Budwieser.)

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