Monday, October 27, 2008

A missed dose of reality...

The Utah Democratic Party is sending out daily appeals for donations. The one I got yesterday was interesting:

HERE’S A DOSE OF REALITY: The winners of this election will have the ability to redraw congressional and legislative boundaries – the boundaries that will determine who wields power in Utah for the next decade. The last time they did it, Republicans produced what the Wall Street Journal called the most flagrantly gerrymandered districts in the country. But this year Democrats are competitive in just about every race in Utah . We can stop them this time around. Won’t you help us? With only nine days before the election, donate $9, $99, or even $999

The actual reality:

Redistricting is a LEGISLATIVE duty. Therefore, only the LEGISLATIVE branch is able to draw said boundaries.

Redistricting happens in 2011. All House members who win next week will have to run for reelection before then.


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