Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Patrick Byrne, who called Utahns Stupid, accounts for 30% of Wimmer's Fall Donations

Patrick Byrne, who famously declared on election night 2007 that Utahns had failed an IQ test (only to later say that he didn't really mean they were stupid, he meant they were crazy), donated $10,000 to Carl Wimmer's reelection bid.

That's 30% of the $33,539 Wimmer has raised since the end of August.

Oh, and it was in one payment, on October 1.


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Anonymous said...

And your point is? Oh that Wimmer was able to out raise Dave Hogue by 3-1? How about the amount of actual citizens who donated to each of them? I see that Wimmer stomped Dave here too.

Or what about people who have worked with both of them before, let's see...Yep! Wimmer kicks him there too...I guess the only place Wimmer hasn't beaten Dave yet is in the amount of bribery money coming from the state parties, which Dave does not have to report, because it is *wink* *wink* "Not approved by him"

And finally Wimmer will beat Dave by 15-20% points.

Josh (Yes a volunteer on Wimmer's campaign)