Tuesday, November 04, 2008


That's all I can say right now.

This is wonderful!

MOre in a minute.


Erin said...

Obama wasn't born an American and therefore shouldn't have been able to run.

Yes Bob, I'm blowing off steam.
I sure hope Osama leaves this country under the original Constitution. Did you know he doesn't even like the US Constitution? And yet he wants to lead our nation. Go figure. We'll be apart of the UN for sure now. :(

Bob said...

Hawaii is in America. Panama, where McCain was born, is not.

The beautuy of the Constitution is that it is tough to change. And, Obama will restore liberties that we've lost under Bush (Namely the 1st amendment).

The "He Hates the Constitution" Crap is so fake. If it were true, we'd at least hear all about it on FOXNews.

Oh, and as far as Osama, we'll actually try and catch the SOB.

I am Laura said...

Hooray!!! We were glad in our household. I have been saddened today by some of the facebook posts by some of my friends. McCain said it, Obama said it, hell even Karl Rove said it -- The people who didn't vote for Obama need to get behind him now and support him. Our nation needs to come together. The last 8 years have lead to us being vulnerable and people have become so divided. I hope people can get over the fact that their candidate lost and then start working to make this nation the best again.

Come on Erin -- Are you serious?