Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Attacks" on Wardhouses not a hate crime, yet

Windows of Wardhouses get shot at with BB Guns or AirSoft Guns all the time.

And it's usually the work of teenagers. And, it often turns out that the teenager is a member of one of the wards that meets there.

I'd be willing to bet that the people shooting out the windows of local wardhouses are local teenagers. Heterosexual teenagers, at that.

Not only that, but if people were really targeting wardhouses as part of a hate crime, they would do a heck of a lot more than shatter a window.

A this point, it's petty vandalism.

As for the Book of Mormon burned on the steps of a wardhouse in Littleton, CO? Vandalism and attempted arson, at best. Had there been a note or graffiti left with it against Mormons, then we could start talking hate crime.

And the Littleton situation could be a heck of a lot more people than just the gays. Remember some of the "best" anti-Mormons tat aren't here in Utah are in Colorado.


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