Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boycott Mormons by Coming to Utah

I know this may seem counter productive to you, coming here and spending you hard-earned money in Utah.

However, boycotting Utah by staying away only makes Mormons stronger. You see, it's because we have been persecuted since the beginning. Tar-and-feathering, now there's some real boycotting for you. Many Mormons, especially those who hate gay people, seem to gain strength from persecution.

Yeah, I know it's strange, but true.

Oh, and by staying away, you're just helping them prove that there are no gay people in Zion.

However, what they don't know (and you probably didn't know, either) is that there are many gay people here. Heck, 2% of our state legislature is gay (well, at least out of the closet).

So come. Come en masse. Enjoy Sundance. Come skiing. Catch a Jazz game.

June is a great time to visit the state. It's usually not cold anymore, and it's not too hot, yet. The first weekend in June is when we have our second-largest parade. It's the gay pride parade, which goes from City Hall up to the Capitol Building and back again, right past the Mormon Church headquarters. Surely, you want to come be a part of THAT, don't you?

So, come, visit our beautiful state. Take up residence, and realy piss off some Mormons.

Because if you ignore us, we may forget you exist.



Jeremy said...


This is the most intelligent and insightful comment on the whole Prop 8 issue and its relation to our state that I've read since the election.

Thank you.

libhom said...

Boycotting Mormons is not "persecuting" them. It is fighting back against their persecution of others. Fighting back is the only language evil bigots like the Mormons understand.

There is no way to travel to Utah without financing the racist, sexist, and homophobic jihads of the Mormon church.

Utah isn't getting a dime from me.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty impressive, that Mormons, the people who were persecuted (even legal to kill) for so many years in the past, and practiced polygamy (some still do!), now attempt to persecute another group of people. This from people who claim to have a faith in God (love thy enemy; him without sin cast the first stone; etc.) are part of the ultimate hypocrisy. The whole Mormon church should feel nothing but horror and shame from this, but similar to another religion that has arguably been turned into a radical cult (Islam), the self-criticism is all but non-existent. The Mormon church is Christianity's Islam...