Monday, November 03, 2008


OK, so I haven't been able to post any endorsements until now, because I wanted to write nice big summaries, and make each one it's own post.

Well, with 32 hours until polls close, that just isn't going to happen. For some, I'll write brief snippets of why I am supporting them.

So, now you get my 11th hour endorsements.

If you live in their districts, I encourage you to vote for these people:

President: Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden (D)

U.S. House (UT-01): Morgan Bowen, because it's time Northern Utah has an effective leadership

U.S. House (UT-02): Justin Daniels (Write-in), because I just cant bring myself to vote for Matheson, and Dew's signs creep me out.

U.S. House (UT-03): Bennion Spencer (D)

Governor: "Superdell" Dell Schanze (L), because if we manage to get rid of Palin, Buttars, Bramble, Curtis, and Hughes, this blog will be a BORING place, and I need the entertainment.

Attorney General: Jean Welch Hill (D), effective, smart, knows the law.

Utah Senate 10: John Rendell (D), because we need someone who does not allow hate to run his life.

Utah Senate 16: RaDene Hatfield (D), because a check is not the same as cash.

Utah House 36: Shaun Kruger (L) -- I was going to endorse Drew Quinn (R), until she sent me mail talking about how she defended Utah's abortion bill in the 90's. Still can't bring myself to vote for Phil Reisen. And, you can't find a candidate more honorable and just than Shaun.

Utah House 38: Charles Henderson (D)

Utah House 39: Denise Hancock (D), someone who knows well the struggles of average Kearns residents.

Utah House 40: Dan Marriott (R). Honesty. Integrity. Those are words you don't hear me say about too many Republicans. However, Dan breaks the mold. He is not afraid to stand up for ethics reform, and will be a strong and smart voice for alternative energy.

Utah House 48: Trish Beck (D)

Utah House 49: Jay Seegmiller (D) because Greg Curtis rules with big government (see: RioT into Stadium)

Utah House 52: Dave Hogue (D) because Wimmer hates polar bears.

Salt Lake County Mayor: Peter Corroon (D)

Salt Lake County Council At-Large: Steven DeBry (R), because Randy H has misrepresented us long enough!

Salt Lake County Council District 4: Mark Crockett (R)

Salt Lake County COuncil District 2: Paul Pugmire (D)

Salt Lake County Proposition #1 & #2: Yes

Utah Constitution Amendment A-D: Yes

Utah Amendment E: Undecided.

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