Monday, November 03, 2008

Utah Senate Race Turns Dark and Ugly

From KSL:

By Tom Callan

Dirt is flying in a razor-tight state senate race as incumbent Chris Buttars defends his turf.

Democratic challenger John Rendell said, "My wife has had to protect some of the allegations that are being made. Chris Buttars has told lobbyists that I'm gay and that I have $100,000 of gay money."

Rendell says his wife Becky is so angry that she has recorded her own calls. In them she says, "The attacks by my husband's opponent are false and shameful. I hope you'll join with me and vote against these outrageous claims."

Rendell says he did receive some money from a gay activist but that is $2,000 out of the $64,000 he has raised.

Thanks to a comment at KSL for the headline idea.

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