Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Job, Misty

Misty Fowler, member of Team Utah in Denver, was featured in a Lee Bensen column in this morning's Deseret News.

However, I have one small problem with it:

Misty Fowler can remember when people couldn't pronounce his name to save them. When they tried, they usually made it rhyme with barracks.
Now, that man, "Ba-rock" Obama, is president.

What a difference 18 months and at least 5 million blog posts and maybe 10 times that many e-mails and 50 times that many text messages makes.

"Online networking tools is how we won this election," says Misty, who jumped on the Obama bandwagon almost before there was a wagon.

ALMOST before there was a bandwagonwagon?

She BUILT the bandwagon!


1 comment:

Misty Fowler said...

Thanks, Bob. You are sweet. :)

I didn't build the bandwagon though - WE did. :)