Thursday, November 27, 2008

No Parking means No Parking


Some people who lined up because they couldn't afford turkey for their families now have to pay $175 to get their cars back.

While people stood in line at the Indian Walk-in Center at West Temple and 1300 South in Salt Lake this week, their cars parked just feet away in the 7-Eleven parking lot were being towed away.

Mireya and Richard Saxton say it was a cruel thing to do.

"There were two guys working as fast as they could to push the cars into the tow truck," Mireya said. Richard added, "There are folks out there that waited and waited, and they came back and their car was gone."

Mireya took a friend to get a free turkey and was even a 7-Eleven customer, but she had to pay $80 on the spot to get her car off the tow truck. Others paid $175 at the tow lot.

A 7-Eleven clerk tells KSL signs in the parking lot clearly warned people of the risk. She says up to 15 cars were towed and two of them still are in the AMR Towing lot.

This is one of my pet peeves: people who think they can park anywhere they want and then get all hot and bothered when they have to face the consequences (read the KSL Comments).


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