Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trish Beck and ACTBlue

"Political Civility" had the following last weekend:

Did anyone else pick up that nearly 22% of Trish Beck’s support came from outside the state of Utah?


Bottom line I have to wonder: Why would outside the state interests be so invested in a little ol’ district in Sandy Utah? Maybe I should ask ActBlue.

Whenever I make a claim like this, I always like to at least back up my wild info. At the very least, I try not to sound like a complete idiot by giving people a link where they can find out more.

Like, what this "Act Blue" thing is.

One click past the link provided by Political Civility:

Who We Are

ActBlue is the nation's largest source of funds for Democrats. Launched in 2004, ActBlue created and deployed the next generation of online fundraising tools, enabling individuals and groups to raise money for the Democratic candidates and committees of their choice at In four years, ActBlue has sent more than $83 million to some 3200 candidates and committees from more than 420,000 donors, with a median contribution of only fifty dollars, doing as much to ensure a sustainable Democratic future as any other player in the field.

Want to join in? Learn how to ActBlue.

100% of the money from ACT blue came from people who said "I want my money to go to Trish Beck!"

Most candidates who use ACT Blue use them to process credit cards. Because of how ACT Blue is organized and Utah's reporting laws, these donations need to be reported as coming from Act Blue, not from the person who actually donated the money. I'd like to see the law changed, myself.

However, what should have thrown a large flag is the fact that 17 separate contributions came from ACT Blue. That should have told you this wasn't simply an out-of-state organization donating to her race.



Paul Mero said...

Bob, surely you and Rob pinched Lyall on not checking out the mechanics of the Act Blue online donor site. He, we, stand corrected.

Lyall's bigger point was the question of who is giving to Ms. Beck's campaign. And, if I am reading him correctly, the biggest point of all is that she was the recipient of left-wing dollars (Lyall expressed it as Massachusetts $$$).

And so, here I am looking at the Act Blue site to see, if indeed, it is simply a 21st century tech-tool to advance democracy. And, guess what? It's run by a bunch of "progressive" lefties from the gay community, Kerry campaign, and assorted other fellow travelers.

So let me get this right...regular Utahns choose to give campaign dollars through a leftie, out-of-state organization rather than simply writing a local check from a local address to the candidate herself? I'm wondering why?

While I realize the Act Blue site is "cool" technology, I wonder what it's value is beyond that?

Big Mang said...

Spin, spin, and spin Paul. Why not use it? Do you ever admit when you have made an arse out of yourself?

Nope, just like a true conservative.

Jeremy said...

I once had to set up credit card payment receivables for my small business. It sucked and was expensive. I can see the advantage of Act Blue. If I had known about it when I donated to my local Democratic candidate I'd have used it instead of pulling cash out of the ATM.

Paul Mero is a Douche Bag! said...

Paul is just trying to point in any direction that he can to help the heir of the Swim family, the family that gives Paul his paycheck, from looking the the ass he is.

Paul's statements are silly. I'm sure when Trish Beck called a potential donor they said, "I'll give you money but not if ActBlue is run by liberals or gays.

What a douche bag you are Mero.

Paul Mero said...

Notwithstanding these lovely and civil opinions, my sincere question remains unanswered: why would regular Utahns choose to give campaign dollars through a leftie, out-of-state organization rather than simply writing a local check from a local address to the candidate herself?

But perhaps my difficulty is asking this question of people who hide behind anonmymity...then again, maybe you've answered my question?

Barney Fife said...

I gave money through ActBlue because I was asked to by the candidate. It was easier than sending a check in the mail, and I wasn't supporting a leftist organization Mr. Mero. I was supporting the candidate that asked.

Really Mr. Mero, although I won't use the words to describe you that was used above (which I think was a plant by someone in your own organization), but I do think that you are in outer space, and that you are suffering from sour grapes because your candidate lost.

The question isn't why would a donor use ActBlue. The question is why are you still reaching for a bridge to no where?

We live in a world where technology makes life easier, and that is why I used ActBlue. It was easy. It was quick. And, it was hassle free.

The fact that you are making it an issue is really nothing more than political mud-raking.

Paul Mero said...

Fair enough...the answer is that the candidate asked you to do it. Got it. It's easy. It's convenient. It's cost effective.

Last question: when Act Blue donates, does it show on the candidate's FEC/state filing as one donation from Act Blue or are all of the individual donations that comprise the Act Blue donation itemized on the report?

Bob said...

One point that I failed to mention is that Trish had a link to donate on her web site. That link took you to ACTBlue.

Remember, ACT Blue is not sending a donation, it's processing donations. Much like if she had chosen to do credit card transactions through Zion's Bank. But, because of how ACTBlue is organized, she had to report it as coming from ACTBlue.

I agree with Paul that it would be a great way to shelter funds from people who you don't like (I can't be seen getting money from you, but if you pay via credit card.....). However, that is a change that needs to be made in Utah's reporting laws.

Many states, and the FEC, require that money paid through a PAC to a candidate be reported as coming from the origional donor, not from the PAC.


Paul Mero said...

Thanks Bob. Agreed.