Thursday, December 04, 2008

No Duh Headline of the Week -- Mitt Romney popular in Utah

Some days, it's not worth the effort to look at the Deseret News, because you can predict a weekly Mitt Romney story. Today's headline:

Utahns like idea of Mitt in 2012, not Palin

Really? No kidding. Who would have guessed.

However, the funny part of this article is the Sarah Palin supporter on COlorado who has no grasp on reality:

Kelly said a Palin supporter in Idaho told him that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints won't back her if Romney's in the race.

"I don't quite agree with her comments," Kelly said. "Sarah has plenty of time to build inroads to gain support from Romney supporters, LDS or not ... let's see how Sarah stands up to Romney" in 2012.

This guy probably was hopeful for a come-from-behind Palin/McCain victory while Obama was leaving the stage in Grant Park.

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Ann Marie Curling said...

Even though I am a Romney supporter, I must say that I agree with all of your assertions and found your post funny. Thanks for some humor in my otherwise uneventful day :)