Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bush leaving with 44% approval in Utah

That's right. Bush's approval rating in Utah is below 50%.


Utah Republican Party Lobbyist, er Chairman, Stan Lockhart has this to say, according to KSL:

State GOP Chair Stan Lockhart says you need to consider the source of any poll, to begin with. But setting that aside, he says it's easy for people to armchair quarterback once the game is over and another thing entirely to have to make the same calls.

"To give all the blame to President Bush for what's been going on in this country the last six months or so, it's probably a little unfair," Lockhart said.

I sure hope this means Chair-lobbyist Lockhart still supports Bush and his (truly) socialistic ways.



Curtis said...

Oh Stan,

The worst, THE WORST, polls have a margin of error of +/- 5%. This, at best, AT BEST, gives bush an approval rating of 49% (and at worst 39%).

This is not "armchair quarterbacking," this is a codification that, even in the reddest state in the nation, Bush is not supported in our democratic (lowercase "d" mind you) system and that he needs to go.

Jason The said...

Wow, Stan is amazing. Having just finished a statewide tour as apologist for Waddoup's unfortunate Chilli's hating comments, Mr. Lockheart still has energy enough to play apologist for the man who started the war in Iraq.

Shine on you crazy diamond!

Curtis said...

Looks like this is the start of Lockhart's last breaths:

Breaking News - Utah Republican Party Chair Lockhart not Running for Reelection