Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Paul Mero is NOT a conservative

You want proof, just look at The transcripts of the conversation about alcohol between him and Tyler over at KVNU. It's full of big-government regulation.

And, me being me, I have some real issues with some of the things said there.

[14:52] Tyler: Here’s what’s frustrating about this Paul, and I don’t mean to go to the lowest common denominator here. An 80 percent LDS government is legislating its morals on a 60 percent LDS state. That 20 percent representation gap there is what’s making this a problem for everyone. That’s the bottom line.
[14:52] Tyler: It’s flown since 1896 because the gap was far less defined
[14:53] Tyler: but it’s going to become more pronounced and more problematic, in things not just limited to booze, as this state’s LDS population becomes more and more diluted.
[14:54] PTM: sorry, I was on the phone
[14:54] PTM: what you’re talking about is only a problem if there is a problem with LDS values, culture, and behavior. Is there?
[14:56] Tyler: There is a problem anytime value set A is imposed on people with value set B, C, D…
[14:57] Tyler: By government, that is.
[14:58] PTM: That’s life man.

Doctrine and Covenants 134:4 -- "We believe that religion is instituted of God; and that men are amenable to him, and to him only, for the exercise of it, unless their religious opinions prompt them to infringe upon the rights and liberties of others;"

And THAT s the problem I have with the way the Utah legislature, especially those members who share my faith, handle alcohol.

We are punished for our own transgressions.

[23:33] PTM: and, btw, I don’t think serius drinkers (drunks) go out to get drunk…but people having fun, losing track of time, socializing, get drunk
[23:34] PTM: and, at Chilis and Applebees, kids see it happening right in front of them

Let's not forget Jazz games. Maybe we should hide the children at Jazz games, too. And concerts. Especially by country artists. Let's ban country music.

[23:35] PTM: well, good then, our laws work…so whatcha bitchin about?
[23:35] Tyler: I can’t speak for the data outside of Cache County, but since 1995, not one DUI has been found as a result of drinking at a restaurant
[23:35] Tyler: I’m not complaining about restaurant laws as they’re presently constituted.
[23:35] PTM: and how, may I ask, you could know if someone drank at a restaurant?
[23:36] Tyler: The private club membership law is horrific and ineffective and the assertion that restaurants should have to hide their liquor is small minded. If you as a parent don’t want your kid to see the liquor, you have a right not to go to the restaurant
[23:36] Tyler: The restaurant absolutely, positively, unequivocally has more of a right to operate business as they choose under the law than you do to be offended at their business practices.
[23:36] PTM: orrrrr…the restaurant could separate their bar from the food part…like Market Street does out where I live
[23:37] Tyler: When a DUI arrest is made the location where the person drinking is recorded.
[23:37] PTM: good law, bad law?
[23:37] Tyler: That’s a decision Market Street can make, but each business should be allowed to operate as they choose.

Go figure, Paul Mero isn't the "free market" guy we all thought he was.



Jason The said...
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Jason The said...

Interesting how often the labels "conservative," "Republican," "limited-government voter" and "Neo-Con" are used inter-changeably here in Utah, when in reality they are four very different beasts

Paul Mero said...

Thanks for spelling my name correctly. As I have mentioned, I am writing an essay on liquor laws in Utah...and you "freedom-lovers," I am sure, will once again be proven to misunderstand the true meaning of freedom (i.e. the American brand, not your French Revolution brand). But that remains to be to both regarding my compentency in making an authentic conservative argument and yours to understand it.

Bob, you will be pleased to know you now join a long list of Republicans who feel the same way as you (i.e. that Mero is not a conservative).

Best, PTM

Paul Mero said...

BTW, if you're interested, here is some of what I believe as a conservative about free markets and conservatism in general:

Best, PTM

Jeremy said...

Paul Mero:

"As I have mentioned, I am writing an essay on liquor laws in Utah...and you "freedom-lovers," I am sure, will once again be proven to misunderstand the true meaning of freedom..."

Mero's definition:

Freedom means you have to do whatever the government says because the government is never wrong...except for when it is...but even then...that's ok because all governments are ordained of God...unless they don't codify what my religion says...