Sunday, January 25, 2009

Will Jason Chaffetz Come Out of the Closet?

Utah's Cot-sleeping Congressman, Jason Chaffetz, is once again making the news.

Well his cot in the closet is making the news. This time, it's KSL:

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Here's the line that got me:

"It's this idea that we're going to have to tighten our belts and do more with less."

You'd expect someone like this to live in a nice modest house, right? I mean, he's living in a closet for crying out loud!

Of course, you'd also expect a congressman to actually live in his district. but I digress.

How's 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 5800 Square Feet on 1.45 acres in Alpine sound?

For a family of 5?



JM Bell said...

As soon as he goes three weeks without a press hit about his cot in the closet, I'm pretty sure he'll find a room with a bunch of Freshmen Republicans.

It's a good press move. I'll give him that.

I just wish that he wasn't afraid to come on my show.

arc said...

Rep. Matheson registered to run for the 2nd District, not by using a home address like Everyone Else, but by using a PO Box. Would it make you feel better if Rep. Chaffetz had a PO Box in Provo?

Jason meets all the legal and Constitutional requirements to be on the ballot. The Founders specifically excluded a district residency requirement because of concerns about gerrymandering.

Jason lives in Alpine, which is 11,000 feet from the district boundary. He has lived in Utah County for 20 years.

Gerrymandering in 2001 removed 4 Utah County cities from the Third District and combined them with the less conservative communities of the Second District.

The legislature has officially approved only one map for a Fourth District at this time. It puts Alpine back in the Third District.

Jason was upfront about this during the election. Rep. Cannon spend tens if not hundreds of thousands trying to make this an issue. Jason won, 60% (almost) in convention, 60% in the Primary and around 66% in the general election.

arc said...

With him living in Utah over the weekends, he can show up to local events, his family is living here, and he can know what is going on here.

Jason promised that he would represent Utah to DC, not DC to Utah. If this is how he wants to do it. I am cool with that.

I have had a home office for many years. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I am glad he can pull this off.

What isn't mentioned is that over 30 others do this same thing. Jason was just brave enough to let others know.

Keep up the work Rep. Chaffetz!

JM Bell said...

I'm starting to think that arc is actually short for -

Am - Really - Chaffetz.

Bob said...

I'm pretty sure Rep Matheson actually lives in the 2nd district.

In fact, even though they aren't required to, 434 members of the House of Representatives actually live within their districts.

I don't care if it's 1 foot, 11000 feet, or 200 miles out. It's not his district. The district lines are screwy thanks to the Republican legislature.

We'll see how long Rep Chaffetz commutes every weekend. That gets expensive and time-consuming after a while. I give him credit for wanting to be here in Utah for his constituents/family on the weekends.

Oh, and I agree with JMBell about arc's name.

Anonymous said...

Chaffetz house from Utah County Recorder:;2010

Sleeping on a cot but your house is worth $767,531.00?

Go back to your cot arc.

Anonymous said...

acr's aka "cotboy"'s house in a bigger photo:

arc said...

re: Arc

arc doesn't equal "am really chaffetz".

That is really funny. A lot of Chaffetz supporters don't know who I am. Some have figured it out. It is driving Ridgway nuts. :)

If you do some reading, you will find out I am a state gop delegate that voted for Jason at convention and primary and general elections.

I am one of a thousand that tried to help Jason get elected.

I don't have a cot.