Thursday, February 26, 2009

Holly Mullen no longer at City Weekly

I was really pissed off when Holly Mullen was let go at the Trib. There were many times when she was the only thing I'd open the paper for. Thank God they still had Kirby and Paul Rolly.

And I was excited when she started her own blog. And, I still find it amusing when someone comes here in search of her (thanks, Google).

And I was joyful when she joined my favorite paper, Salt Lake City Weekly.

So, now I'm sad to read this on Facebook:

Holly Mullen at 11:33am February 26
Holly and CW publisher Jim Rizzi reached a mutual parting of ways. Holly is moving on to other career goals. Thanks for your support, friends. And yes, I need/want work (who doesn't right now?)--and maybe not even in newspaper journalism, of which I've just about had a belly full. Send any good leads my way. Cheers.