Thursday, March 26, 2009

UPDATE: Leno's Utah GOP News came from Utah blogger

Yesterday, I posted video of Jay Leno reading a piece from a Utah Newspaper referring to Senator Buttars as "some guy who had some problem with the way he said something."

I knew I had read it somewhere, but I couldn't remember where.

Lucky for me, Joe over a Sausage Grinder outed himself. His Defense:

IN MY DEFENSE, IN MY BUTTARSISSUEDIEDIEDIE DEFENSE, it was originally posted here on this very blog.

Right here.

It made perfect sense in the context of anyone following the Grinder, but the transition to trees ground up, pulped, bleached and flattened then put into large rolls and run through a large metal contraption covered in ink certainly made for some great Leno.

And that, Joe, is why you should never try to kill off a story about Senator Buttars. Just when you think he's dead, it just comes back to bite you again.....

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