Thursday, March 26, 2009

Utah's Hottest Politician


Lesbian lawmaker Rep. Christine Johnson has been crowned (is that the right verb?) one of the nation's "SexyPants" elected officials by the blog Queerty. She was the only female to get the title:

Honestly, our search for sexy lesbian politicians mainly taught us that the most electable lesbians seem to prefer grandma glasses and perms, but Johnson's a refreshing exception — still pleasantly dykey (short hair), while also electably ladylike (matching jewelry!)

I will readily admit that I have had a crush on Rep Johnson for a few years now. There, I said it. However, it's not just her looks:

Johnson told QSaltLake magazine that she was flattered and embarrassed by the title and would have rather been honored for her intellect.

I'll take her intellect over that of anyone else on the hill.

The looks and the brain: Utah's hottest Legislator, regardless of sexual orientation.

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