Saturday, April 18, 2009

Former Congressman Bill Orton 1948-2009

I only had a few interactions with Former Congressman Bill Orton.

One was at a Christmas party for the Utah Democratic Party staff members in 2007. Bill was sitting next to me, and my friend/coworker Alan was sitting across from him. Alan has only lived in Utah for a few years, and was fairly new to the political scene. In the middle of the meal, he looks at the Congressman and says "Who are you, what do you do?"

Congressman Orton thought it was funny.

At the Democratic National Convention in Denver, he was getting his sons involved with blogging. It was fun to see him interact with his sons.

When he ran for Governor in 2000, he became the first Democrat I voted for.

With news of his passing, I have yet another person in politics I wish I had gotten to know better.