Monday, May 04, 2009

Fear not the Pig: We're Way Overreacting

I understand being cautious about things, but my heck we're overreacting a little bit with this swine flu (or H1N1, as it's called now).

I mean, the regular flu kills 35,000 Americans a year.

That's an average of 3,000 a month.

Of 12 possible cases in Utah (as of Sat morning), Zero were being hospitalized.

And yet Park City gave the students a four-day weekend because 3 students may have the flu. (I understand the movie theaters in the area were crowded those two days.)

They even canceled prom! I wonder how many other, more deadly, deseases they prevented by canceling prom.

When I was in high school, we had several Mono epidemics break out. We never got out of school for it, unless you were the one who got the mono. The football team got banned from kissing their girlfriends, but that was it.

Canceling school? Prom?

Now, this from the DesNews:

A decision over whether Park City's spring athletic teams will be allowed to participate in 3A postseason tournaments won't be made until at least late this evening by the Utah High School Activities Association, UHSAA executive director Dave Wilkey confirmed this morning.

Wilkey confirmed his association will be responsible for making that decision and not the Park City School District, as was previously thought.

Park City's participation in 3A sports tournaments this spring was cast into doubt last week after three students in the PCSD were thought to have possibly contacted the swine flu from Mexico, and it was put into serious jeopardy after at least one of those students was confirmed Saturday to have had the virus.

As of this morning, Wilkey was trying to pull together a meeting involving the 3A representatives of the UHSAA that would take place this evening. Wilkey said the UHSAA is planning to release a statement with its final decision Tuesday morning, though it could take longer than that if the association can't come to a consensus this evening.

Oh. My. Gosh! Johnny could get pig flu if we let students who aren't even sick but live in the same community as people who are sick (but not sick enough to got to the hospital)! We can't let that happen!

What's next? Or what am I missing?

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