Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This video almost got me kicked out of the library for swearing

Fred Rogers is my hero. I have only cried once when someone I had never met died, and it was Mr Rogers.

So, needless to say, I let a few words I try really hard to not say when I watched this piece of assininity from FOX News, courtesy of KVNU:

Library Security came over and talked to me. Apparently, G** D*** those F***ers all to H*** is not an appropriate phrase to utter at the Library. Who knew? Someone complained. Go Figure. :)

I'm better now.

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JHP said...

Was this done on April Fool's Day?

While I don't condone profanity, especially in a library, I do agree that this news report is ridiculous.

I didn't watch the whole thing...did they mention Barney, too? "Everyone is special, special, everyone is his or her own way..."