Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Annother Member of the Loony Wing Joins the Senate Race

Ethan Millard writes on that Cherilyn Bacon Eagar "is forming an exploratory committee in preparation to join the race to replace Senator Bennett."

She Joins Mark Shurtleff and Tim Bridgewater on the Republican Side. Joe Granato is the only Democrat to have announced at this point.

Who is Cherilyn Bacon Eagar?

Cherilyn Bacon Eagar is an owner of and marketing director for WebsTarget® by Computer Camp, an Internet marketing company that services the real estate industry nationally. She is President and Policy Analyst for World Class Education Research, founded to publish and advocate for ideals that strengthen the traditional family. She was co-author of the first state Family and Educational Rights to Privacy Act, to protect students from invasive psychological and non-academic testing. She is also author of an education policy manual entitled Edugate America: The Deconstruction of a Culture and is completing a book on pornography to help the family members of sexual addicts.

She has presented nationally on education reforms and related topics for over 20 years, has been a media spokesperson for many causes from Stop ERA of the late 70’s to hosting an opinion/comment talk radio show. She is featured in Sean Hannity’s book Let Freedom Ring in recognition of her successful post-9/11 national campaign against the Red Cross’ “neutrality” policy which prohibited the singing of traditional American patriotic songs such as “God Bless the USA” and “America the Beautiful” and “Declaration” (with text from the Declaration of Independence), and songs which mention the words “God” and “prayer.”

She developed a summer program in New York City for aspiring performing artists working with Broadway directors and instructors and rated among the top 2 programs along with NYU’s “Cap 21” program. She received highest ratings while on the faculty at the Orange County School of the Arts (a charter school) and at Brigham Young University. She has been accepted into the Masters Degree program in Education and in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University in Virginia.

Cherilyn has had a wealth of experience in the private, non-profit charitable sector, having raised approximately $1 million for various causes from the Boy Scouts to the Special Olympics, as well as fighting pornography over the past decade. She has also had a lifetime of experience in the political arena in several regions of the U.S., multiple times as Republican county and state delegate, a candidate for the school board in Texas, as campaign manager for the 1994 Congressional race in Utah’s 3rd District, and in supporting conservative candidates and causes that strengthen families.

A lifelong, dedicated Republican, she has also had brief, but vast, top-level, “third party” experience when she helped Patrick Buchanan in his bid for the presidency. During that time, she became the National Press Secretary for the Reform Party. As a result, she is a strong advocate for working within the existing two party-system to affect change. She believes the Republican Party, though its platform reflects correct principles of government and the free market, has drifted too far toward Statism/Big Government in practice.

She is now dedicated to restoring the Republican Party to the principles of its platform, to fiscal responsibility, and to the principles of the free market and states’ sovereignty for which President Ronald Reagan stood, especially in the area of education. She opposes the recent national take-over of America’s economy and recognizes that Congress has adopted a mixed economy of predominantly socialist/fascist principles. This must change if America is to survive and remain that “Shining City on a Hill” that Reagan envisioned as the bastion of freedom for the rest of the world.

She is married to Randy Eagar, and together they have seven children and 9.5 grandchildren.

I'm wondering if the Loony wing of the party are diluting their voting bloc too much with too many candidates.


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arc said...

The Loony Wing?

You haven't met Cherilyn.

She is sharp, is what she says she is, and not trying to be something she isn't.

She has the ability to beat Senator Bennett in Convention next year. I would think you would be happy.

Anonymous said...

Bwaa haa haa haa. Arc is a tool.

Cherilyn is as nutty as they come. She is to the right of Attila the Hun. If she were to win she would make Michele Bachman look like Hugo Chavez. I'm glad she's running - she'll make the Republicans waste more money in the primary.

arc said...

Cherilyn is smart. While she is a real conservative, she listens to others.

Do you really think Sam is the only democrat that is going to run?

Bob said...

I don't think that Sam is the only Dem we'll see. I also think we'll see a few more Republicans jump in before this thing is over.

GALY said...

Mrs Eagar is dangerous. Anyone who has the nerve to call the "Matthew Sheppard Act" the "Pedophile Protection Act" isn't exactly who we should want representing fair-minded Utahn's