Thursday, May 28, 2009

Comparing Apples to Oranges in politics can be dangerous

Sometimes in politics, and life in general, we tend to make a jump of logic that really is illogical.

Like the following exchange Rob Miller posted on Facebook tonight:

was just asked by Todd Taylor, "Why would Republicans who believe we should carry personal firearms into national parks, churches, and universities have a problem with any country having weapons of mass-destruction? Doesn't natural law give them the right to defend themselves too?" First principles folks!

Now, I'm no "tote your guns anywhere" guy (private property rights trump your right to bare arms), but this is stretching it a bit.

Unless Todd can ind someone saying we can carry anthrax and suitcase nukes to Bryce Canyon, it really is comparing apples to oranges.

Or, more like comparing apples to pickup trucks.


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derekstaff said...

Wait a minute! Even private property rights don't trump my right to go sleeveless!

Rob Miller said...

Bob, it was a throw away statement and a joke. I guess I should have video taped the moment when Todd said that to me. We both broke out laughing and then I said, "That's funny, I'm putting it on facebook and see if anyone actually agrees with this", which someone did.

Your post reminded me of the old quote, "We see what we want to see..."

Bob said...


I thought it sounded a little odd for Todd.