Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cyclists ticketed for running stop signs-- HORAY!

My family has been involved in the local cycling community for many, many years. In my younger days, I rode in some of the big rides, before they were popular. And, over the past 15 years, I have volunteered to provide support for many, many rides.

Both while helping on those rides, and at other times, I have seen several cyclists nearly miss getting injured while running through a stop sign. I have also seen the many news stories here locally where someone was seriously injured or killed while disobeying the rules of the road while on their bike.

As a pedestrian, I have been hit by cyclists twice in the past year. One ran a red light (at the intersection of Main and South Temple, one of the only roads cyclists aren't allowed on) and by a cyclist riding on the left-hand sidewalk (two laws violated) on 400 South. Both cyclists tried to argue with me, like I was an idiot. In the second instance, a police officer saw us arguing and stopped. While he took my side, he didn't issue a ticket.

I've seen this cyclist riding the same way numerous times (without a helmet, which makes it even more stupid), and I've seen her almost get hit again. The mean part of me wants to see her learn her lesson.

So, I was excited to see this story from the Washington Post:

More than 700 cyclists were on the roads of Loudoun County over the weekend, some pedaling up to 150 miles, trying to raise money for a debilitating disease, multiple sclerosis.

But as they made their way Sunday in the untimed event, several rolled into an obstacle few foresaw: the long arm of the law.

According to cyclists and Loudoun authorities, several cyclists failed to come to complete stops at some intersections, and a county sheriff's deputy was waiting to pounce. Eight cyclists were ticketed for running stop signs that day in the Lovettsville and Purcellville areas, authorities said.

I wish this would happen more often.


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