Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cherilyn Eager and Conservative Heretics

Cherilyn Eager made her candidacy for US Senate official today, with a rally (?) at Marie Calenders.

Eagar began her campaign by taking shots at the other GOP candidates in the race.

"I'm told this is a four-way race. It's not," she said. "It's a two-way race: a race between three counterfeit conservatives and one authentic conservative. I'm the real deal."

She added, "I have one word to say about Bob Bennett: bailout," complaining he voted for the initial bailout for troubled financial firms (although he opposed later versions). She also said his actions have helped put America on a "bullet train to tyranny."

"I have two words to say about Mark Shurtleff and Tim Bridgewater: John McCain. At a time when the field had several great conservative choices, Shurtleff and Bridgewater chose the guy in the middle of the road," Eagar said. "And we all know what happens to the armadillo in the middle of the road."

She said she supported Mitt Romney for president.

Which one was Mitt Romney -- the one who did a complete 540 on abortion (semi-pro life, then pro choice, then very pro life)), or was he the guy who as governor of that conservative hotbed of Massachusetts when they started allowing Gay Marriage?

Oh, he was the one who showed great personal fiscal responsibility by owning homes in 4 states and spending $25 Million of his own money to come in third. That guy.

Maybe that's what Gayle Ruzicka meant when she said of Eager: "I know she won't change. What she says is what she'll do — and that's important."

As Ethan at KSL pointed out:

The Republican Party is looking for heretics when they SHOULD be looking for converts.

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arc said...

I liked this quote about Cherilyn

"Personally I've worked in the performing arts for most of my life and consider my gay friends some of the best and most talented. I've lost some good friends to AIDS. Fifty percent of my NYC-based company employees were gay. I would never, ever do anything to treat them unfairly in the workplace or in my personal associations with them. "

As someone who is not a fan of Gayle Ruzicka or the Eagle Forum, Gayle can vote for who she wants, but no way is Eagar in her back pocket. I am surprised that Gayle has been perceived in trying to get press out of Eagar's run.

I loved the fact that Cherilyn wanted Romney. That has got to tick off a few Ron Paul fans.