Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jeff Bell on the issues

I've had people tell me that Jeff Bell has no substance on the issues.

I beg to differ.

The following are samples from his web site of just two issues:

Education / Vouchers

The party botched the after messaging from the incredible victory against the Republican Voucher fiasco and the Wal-Mart Academies Plan.

The anti-voucher fight could not have been won without Democrats and the Democratic Party and yet, when the dust settled and the back patting begun, the state party took two steps back and let everyone else claim credit - to the exclusion of Democrats - taking away the value of the voucher fiasco as a powerful campaign issue in the future.

In addition - why is it that every "education reform" bill offered by the Republican Legislature is a teacher penalties bill? Why aren't Democrats breaking down the info and distributing the truth in the most effective way possible?

LGBT Equality / Common Cause

The State Party's silence on this issue is embarrassing.

When I called the State Party last year to ask about messaging plans and strategy, imagine my surprise when I heard that the party had no plan.

"You can't talk about it when you're a Democrat in Utah," was what I was told by former Party Vice Chair Rob Miller. The silence from the party clearly illustrated that this was an official stance.

More reasons I am proud to endorse Jeff for State Party Chair.

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Anonymous said...

Bob, I thought you had some integrity. It is obvious by this post that you will spin anything.

I saw "The Rob Miller Family" on the ad Equality Utah had in the papers thanking Huntsman for his support of civil unions, and I saw Wayne Holland walking in the Pride parade.

Bob said...

Oooh! Rob Miller donated to EU! BFD! (besides, a google search of "rob Miller Utah" gives phone book listings for 3 Rob Millers, and none of them are THE Rob Miller)

And Whoopdee-frickin deal that Wayne walked in the Pride Parade. Has he done it in the past?

And, I didn't say ANTHING about Wayne not supporting Gay rights. However, there have been ZERO statements about GLBT issues coming from the party the past 7 months.

Come on, anonymous. Show some guts. Come out of your closet and show your face.

Joe Crockett said...

Instead of using a buzz word (spin), explain your point.

And an anonymous comment about integrity is about the funniest thing I've seen all week.

Joe Crockett said...

It might be the funniest thing some people see in a year. But I'm pretty funny, so just a week for me.

Bob said...

Joe, I love ya. I look forward to (hopefully) seeing you Saturday.

Anonymous said...

When is the vote? Just curious . . . is the process similar to manner in which Republicans elect their leaders? Is it done at convention? I just barely caught wind of this race. I LOVE that there is a little intrigue in the court across the aisle. Thanks for the info.

Chayce Clark

Bob said...

Saturday, June 20th Murray High School.

Bigger Bob said...


I absolutely embrace equality.

I'm embarrassed that I haven't given more money to Equality Utah, but like a lot of Utahns, I'm broke.

I believe the ad actually said, "The Rob and Michelle Miller Family" not that it was any big deal, like Bob said, we simply wanted to show our support.

Equality is actually one of my core issues. It always has been.

I thought Mr. Bell was running against Wayne, but if he wants to run against me than he should move to Davis County.

Chris Martinez and I were the first candidates from Davis County to be endorsed by Equality Utah, and I was honored by the endorsement. When Equality Utah asked if I wanted to be openly endorsed in their news release my response was, "I wouldn't feel right doing anything else."

Please don't use my name with an untrue anti-LGBT sentiment to try to win votes.

That's my official position.

Ghost written)

Bob said...


How this became a referendum on you, I don't know.

However, this isn't an issue about whether you OR Wayne support Equality. Heck, I probably wouldn't even get an endorsement from them. Yet I supported the bills they were running this past session.

However, the point is, we heard NOTHING from the state party on the issue.

And that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Bob, looks like Bell used Rob's name on his site. Seems like a just and appropriate answer.

Thanks for the clarification Mr. Miller.

Bob said...

Yes, I realize that Jeff mentioned Rob in the piece I quoted (I do read these things, after all). However, It was in his capacity as Then-Vice Chair of UDP.


Nate Diamondson said...

you're a douche bag, Newman.