Friday, June 19, 2009

Old and Busted vs New Hotness

Basically, the choice Democratic delegates have tomorrow is simple:

Go with the current plan, or a plan of substance.

And, with the current plan, based on current growth, we'll have a majority in 2026. Assuming we don't blow this anti-gerrymandering thing.

And this is despite being in agreement with a majority of Utahns when it comes to many, many issues.

Change needs to come to Utah. To do this, Change needs to come to the Democratic Party of Utah.

The currents Chairman's position is like his campaign web site: plain, simple, and not very effective. Go ahead, look. Try to follow the contactlink. Stay a while. Oh, you're done? See. Nothing there.

Now, take a look at Jeff Bell's web site. Look around, watch the videos.

Which messaging arm do you want to lead this party?


(and, let's ignore the fact that Jeff's site cost a fraction of what Chairman Holland paid The Summit Group for his.)

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