Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I don't Fear Sarah Palin One Bit

Doug Gibson, for the Standard-Examiner's Political Surf:

I’m a big Sarah Palin fan. One of the things I most like about her is that she puts fear in many liberals. They mask their fear with hatred, loathing, scorn, invented scandals … a whole bunch of angry gestures. Some people call it Palin Derangement Syndrome, but Palinphobia works pretty well too. They can’t understand her and they most likely never will.

Fear? I don't fear her one bit. She's a joke.

Yes, I don't understand her. I don't understand why she threatens to go after people for telling the truth. Like when people pointed out that her daughter was engaged to a high school dropout. He left school after his Junior Year without a diploma.

It's like saying Sarah Palin doesn't use sports metaphors.

As JM Bell said, she "makes G.W.B. look like a MENSA member"

As far as political strategy goes, this is the most unwise thing that she could have done short of pulling a Mark Sanford. Well, the running away to Argentina without telling anyone part. Not the affair part. An affair is more recoverable than this.


Well, there's two Sarah Palin clips that are just made for opponents to make into a commercial. One is video of her talking about Barack Obama's lack of experience, with graphics over it stating her experience with 10 years in city government of a town of 6,000 and 2.5 years as Governor, forred by the words "and then it got too tough for her, so she quit." The other ad is from her resignation press conference with text asking if you want someone who couldn't handle the pressuregoing up against Russia, NKorea or Iran.

Oh, but you can see Russia from a small Island in her state, so it's OK.

But, if you think the "gotcha media" is bad ("Name one magazine or newspaper you've read this week), imagine sitting in a room with a worldleader with whom you disagree.

So, please, somebody, anybody, tell me why Sarah Palin is loved by so many people.



JM Bell said...

It's because she's pretty.

American's are suckers for a pretty face, no matter how empty, vapid, risible or idiotic the container.

Doug Gibson is either quoting a GOP talking points memo or he better have a pretty face, because that is one of the dumbest things I have ever read.

Doug - I am feeling more cheated by the three minutes it took to read your article than I was about Keanu Reeves being cast as Constantine.

derekstaff said...

For the same reasons they love Coulter, Rush, Hannity, etc: She can spout of meaningless phrases and slurs in a condescending tone.

Her recent antic make her ultimately even less consequential. It's one thing to leave office because you've been elected president. It's quite another to leave office after one incomplete term in the hopes of getting into office. What sort of persistence does that show?

But the dittoheads and their ilk will fall all over themselves to go to her fundraisers and pass along her emails for the next few years. Sigh.