Monday, July 06, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin is Quitting

I would imagine that we will hear the real reasons for Governor Sarah Palin's departure from the Governor's Office by the end of this week Nobody around her has the ability to keep their mouths shut. However, I won't speculate anymore on that course under threat of a lawsuit.

So, from the home office in Holladay, Utah, here are the top 10 reasons Sarah Palin is quitting being Governor:

10. She's not. April Fools!
9. She got Letterman fired and is taking his place. "heeeeeere's Sarah!"
8. Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Governor Sanford. (and by hking, I mean it in a G-rated sense.... ;))
7. With the economy in the crapper, she knows it will be harder to win as an incumbent. So, she'll run for Governor as the challenger in 2010.
6. New Show on TLC: "Todd and Sarah plus 5 plus 1."
5. New Show on NBC: "The Apprentice: Palin Edition" (New Catchphrase: "Yure soo Fired"
4. Another New Show for NBC: "I'm a Governor, get me out of here!"
3. [redacted on advice of legal council]
2. ESPN finally called to give her a shot.
1. Heard there is an opening to be King of Pop. Crazy Child Names is a prerequisite.


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