Monday, August 17, 2009

Doug Wright is a Moron

So, KSL's Doug WWright has been teasing that he will have a major announcement regarding the 2010 Governor's race this morning.

By the time he got to the announcement, he stated that every major, well-known name that has been on the rumored list of people possibly running had declared their intention except for one.

That one would be Kirk Jowers.

Apparently, Mayor Peter Corroon doesn't count in Dougville.

Anyway, Kirk Jowers is not running for Governor. Which I could have told you. It was a name thrown against a wall that didn't say no right away.


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DC said...

Bob, it appears that you are a bit out of the loop on this. First off, Kirk Jowers was a legitimate candidate for governor. He had support from very prestigious Republicans and was very much considering a real run for the governorship.

Also, Doug said that that Kirk Jowers was the last well-known REPUBLICAN on the rumored list of contenders to challenge Governor Herbert. You misunderstood.