Thursday, September 03, 2009

A response from the Lt Gov's Office

A response to the email I sent this morning:

Mr. Aagard,

Thank you for contacting the Lieutenant Governor's Office and for your concern.

You are correct that there are some disclosure reports not online. We try very hard to get the reports online as soon as possible, but you must understand that we received hundreds of paper reports and some of these reports have thousands of transactions that must be entered by hand into the website.

Unfortunately, entities are not required to file electronically, they are allow to send in a paper report which must be hand entered.

The law allows our office seven days to get the reports available on the website, we usually get them online within a few days but sometimes it does take the full seven days.

We do however, make every effort to make sure folks have access to all reports, we will email, fax, or mail copies of reports to anybody who asks. I have attached all of the unentered reports as of this morning.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I really appreciate your concerns, I believe there are not enough people like you who would even care to look at our website and ask questions.

Thank you,

Mark J. Thomas
Office Administrator
Lieutenant Governor's Office

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