Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Conservatives Rooting Against America

Hosting a major international sports competition has always been a point of pride for the host country, be it World Cup Soccer or the Olympics. It's the chance for us to have Home Field Advantage, for us to not have to get a stamp on our passports to wave our giant American Flag and shout USA! USA! Among the highlights of my life is standing in the crowd at the City and Cunty Building when it was announced that Salt Lake City would be hosting the 2002 Olympics.

So,imagine my shock when I saw conservatives cheering Chicago's loss last week.

Could you imagine the reaction from the Conservative Media had this been 12 months ago and it was the Liberals cheering?

All we'd hear is "why do you hate America?"

So, all you conservatives rooting against the USA: Whay *DO* you hate America?



Victory In Progress said...

I can't speak for these people, but I had to chuckle when I found out the Olympics weren't coming to Chicago. As important of an event as they are, I think it was an gross misuse of funds to send both Obama's over there in separate planes, and for Michelle to say she was making a sacrifice for her children and the children of Chicago. It cheapens the word sacrifice. If this had happened during the relative peace and prosperity of the Clinton years, I woudn't have had a problem with it. However, there is too much that demands our President's immediate attention for him to be focusing on the Olympics.

Salt H2O said...

As you heard some conservative express their joy did you listen for an extra 5 minutes to find out why?

It's because the Olympics have created DEBT for the cities/countries in which they were held, not revenue.

Of course, good old Utah is a great exception to that rule, but that's because it was being run by CEO Mitt Romney. Ah, a man who created revenue typically where there is debt- good thing we kept that guy out of the Oval Office!!