Thursday, November 26, 2009

Challenger #1 for Matheson


Dave Glissmeyer, a reform-minded independent with homes in Salt Lake City and St. George, has filed to run against Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson for Utah's 2nd Congressional seat.

"People do a lot of complaining about government doing too much or not enough," Glissmeyer told The Salt Lake Tribune Wednesday. "But the problem seems to be that there's a great unserved mass in the middle that doesn't want to follow a particular label."

"Party politics can take you down a road that may not make the best sense," said the 57-year-old retired businessman.

In 1984 Glissmeyer launched ProTel NetWorks, a Utah business still in operation. He vows to fuel his campaign from individual donations only and has committed $25,000 of his own cash to seed the effort.

Glissmeyer supports ethics reform, citing history as proof that "elected officials cannot be trusted to regulate or police themselves."

He also pledges to scrutinize the so-called war on drugs for better ways to "quell the violence and crime" that stem from illegal narcotics.

He also believes in a balanced budget and that America's two wars should end in a quick and orderly fashion.

In addition, he recommends fining employers who hire undocumented immigrants, and shutting down low-priority military bases to redirect tax dollars to secure the country's Southern border.

Glissmeyer is the first to enter the race against Matheson, a centrist Democrat who enjoys high approval ratings in a sprawling, largely Republican district.


Marshall said...

The fact he says nothing about health care makes me highly suspicious. This guy as a business owner should know better than anyone the struggles of providing affordable health insurance to their employees. Sorry I smell another DINO. We don't need another DINO.

Bob said...

Since he (nor anyone else) is calling him a Democrat, he can't be a DINO, can he?

Dave said...

Dave Glissmeyer (yes, the candidate, just checking in here) and I thank you for taking the time to post the news of the release.
I just want to offer extend an invitation to both Marshall and Bob, who have posted comments, to visit my campaign website at I think you may find the information you see concerning my stance on healthcare and a few other items as well.
You will also find links to contact me direct if you wish.
My campaign is center around taking input from the citizen voters, not the political parties or any other offering cash to buy influence. Sure hope Utah voters are ready for that concept!

Best regards,

Dave Glissmeyer
Candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District in the 2010 election