Thursday, November 26, 2009

War and Peace vs Health Care Bill myth

Listen to most Republicans talk about the current health care bills, and you'd think the only thing they have against it is that it's too long. In fact, some (Like Senator Hatch) claim that it's longer than War and Peace.

Well, the double-spaced, printed large enough for Senators to see version has more pages than your typical copy of War and Peace. However, as anyone who has had to write a "5-page paper" before teachers learned about word count knows, you can increase your page count by double-spacing and using slightly larger typeface.

In fact, according to the Associated Press, the House Health Care Bill weighed in at 319,145 words. The Senate version is 318,512 words.

Most English translations of War and Peace are between 560,000 and 670,000 words long.


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